Accelerated Silver


  • Ozonated Distilled Water
  • 99.99% Pure Silver
  • 16 Ounce Bottle


We use Distilled Water while most companies use inferior reverse osmosis water. We understand that subtle biological and energetic properties can be lost when water is subjected to unnatural processes like Reverse Osmosis. Unlike most of our competitors who have abandoned using distilled water and now instead are selling reverse osmosis water-based solutions, Accelerated Health Products respectfully uses customized distillation technology as it clearly produces a more effective Silver Solution.

When it comes to effectiveness, silver dietary supplement products must not be judged by silver concentration, particle size, types of particles, or the results of organisms killed in test tubes in laboratories. Penetration, or survival through the digestive track and delivery into body fluids, tissues and structures is what ultimately determines effectiveness.

Even the best products offered by medicine today ultimately are delivered through intravenous medicine directly to the blood stream when oral application fails to work. Dietary supplements, while not medicines and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, still rely upon transport and penetration for their efficacy.

Our incorporation of ozonation, ozone being an established and acknowledged penetrant, along with our custom distillation product, is intended to improve the efficacy of our Accelerated Silver product. We make no claims as we adhere to the strictest and most conservative compliance with FDA and FTC regulatory compliance.

What we can say, however, is that we modestly started selling word of mouth without advertising and minimal promotion, and now this product has a dedicated and enthusiastic following that continues to grow rapidly.